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One of the founding departments of Stanford University in 1891, the English Department is the cornerstone of the humanities at Stanford. The pioneer faculty of English was an eclectic group of writers, comparativists, and literary scholars.

Front entrance of the quad from Jordan Hall to Hoover Tower, on Serra Street. From a series of images intended to "recreate" historical images from the Stanford Archives. bicycle


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Undergraduate Program

To study English is to master the power of language.

On the first day of summer, junior Chaz Curet takes a break to read in the sun. The English major found a comfortable spot in the SEQ to read from 'Our Story Begins,' a collection of short stories by Stanford professor Tobias Wolff.

Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

Coterminal Master of Arts

If you are an advanced undergraduate who wants to take the study of literature to a higher level, then the coterminal M.A. program is for you.

Ato Quayson speaking with Ramon Saldivar and Paula Moya

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Stanford English offers a wide variety of interdisciplinary courses taught by world-class faculty

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On a recent evening, after being awarded two fellowships to support his PhD studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Kartik Chandra, ’21, sat to write thank you notes to the people who had supported his academic journey. “I was up until midnight because there were so many people without whom this wouldn’t have happened,” he says. “I...
Analyzing the works of 20th-century American fiction writer John Steinbeck is a daunting task. Steinbeck received the Nobel Prize, the Pulitzer Prize for The Grapes of Wrath and the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his “classic” books that are routinely assigned in high school and college classrooms. Yet, well-known literary critics, from Edmund...
  The Andrew Smith Memorial Essay Prize is awarded for the best essay written by a first-year Ph.D. or M.A. student.  The essay prize commemorates graduate student, Andrew Smith, a member of the incoming cohort of 1996, who passed away suddenly in the fall of 1997 at the age of 25.   This year’s recipient is Jessica Monaco for her...

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