Ph.D. Alumni

Name Graduation Year Dissertation Title Initial Placement Current Placement
Adam Casdin Before Imagination: Literary Reverie's Opening to the Present Faculty, Castilleja School Program Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, Horace Mann School
Debbie Chung Expanding Arcadias: Pastoral Myth-Making in Twentieth-Century British Fiction
Dawn Coleman The Novel and the Preachers: Religious Oratory and the Cultural Value of Nineteenth-Century Fiction Assistant Professor of English, University of Tennessee Associate Professor of English and Adjunct Professor of Religious Studies, University of Tennessee
David Colon Embodying the Ideogram: Orientalism and the Visual Aesthetic in Modernist Poetry Stanford PWR Postdoctoral Fellow Professor of English, Texas Christian University
Hilary Edwards More Than an Order of Words: The Pursuit of a Moral Style in Victorian Prose and Writing of the First World War Graduate Faculty, Florida Atlantic University Teaching Professor of English and Comparative Literature, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Jenn Fishman Active Literacy: Performance and Writing in Britain, 1642-1790 Assistant Professor of English, University of Tennessee Associate Professor of English and Co-Director of Ott Memorial Writing Center, Marquette University
Robert Chodat The Patterns of Persons: Ideas of Agency in Twentieth-Century American Literature Assistant Professor of English, Boston University Professor of English and Director of Graduate Studies, Boston University
Carlos Gallego The (Post) Modern Spectacle: A Study in Ideological Fantasy and 20th Century American Culture University of Arizona Boldt Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Humanities, Associate Professor of English, St. Olaf College
Gretchen Anderson Careering through the Village: Edna St. Vincent Millay, Laura Riding and the Greenwich Village Poetry Market
Brad Buchanan Oedipus Disfigured: Myth, Humanism and Hybridity in Modernist, Anglo-American and Post-Colonial Literature Professor of English, Sacramento State University
David Cantrell Home Rule: Redemptions of Literature and Culture in the United States, 1863-1917 Stanford PWR lecturer Instructor of Humanities, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics
Bradin Cormack A Power to Do Justice: Jurisdiction and Royal Authority in English Literature and Law Associate Professor of English, University of Chicago Professor of English, Princeton University
Simon Dickie In the Mid-Eighteenth Century: Hilarity, Pitilessness, Narrative Fiction Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University Associate Professor of English, University of Toronto
Scott Dudley The Persistence of Memory: Reactionary Politics, Sexual Heresy, and Catholic Nostalgia in English Literature, 1533-1667
Angelica Duran Milton, Education, and the Scientific Revolution Assistant Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Purdue University Professor of English, Comparative Literature, and Religious Studies, Purdue University
D. Christopher Gabbard The World in Reverse: Sex Roles and Holland in the Seventeenth-Century Imagination Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University Professor of English, University of North Florida
Scott Giles The Menlo School Crossroads School, Santa Monica
Karen Girard Senior Internet Editor at Kaiser Permanente
Mark Goble University of California, Irvine
David Goldstein University of Tulsa York University, Toronto