Ph.D. Alumni

Name Graduation Year Dissertation Title Initial Placement Current Placement
Jesse Nathan Poets’ Poets: Rethinking Influence in Victorian and Modernist Poetry
Andrew Shephard “Temples for tomorrow”: African American speculative fiction and historical narrative Assistant Professor, University of Utah
Mark Taylor The Gospel of Freedom: Agency, Idealism, and the Forms of Victorian Fiction Lecturer, Stanford Department of English Visiting Assistant Professor of English, Vassar College
Luke Barnhart On the early modern plain: poems against poetry Postdoctoral Fellow Lecturer in English, Sonoma State University
Jessica Beckman Moveable types: shaping the text in early modern England Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University Assistant Professor, Dartmouth
Abigail Droge Reading skills: the politics of literacy in the nineteenth and twenty-first centuries Postdoctoral Scholar, University of California Santa Barbara ACLS Emerging Voices Fellowship, Emory University
Anastasia Eccles Perverse attachments: reading fiction around 1800 Assistant Professor, Yale University
Erik Johnson Theatrical Realism: Staging Reality in French Theory and British Fiction, 1670-1764 Senior Research Assistant, Stanford University Librarian’s Office
Daeyeong Kim Comedies of Tribalism in Early Modern English Drama
Amanda Licato "Out from behind this mask": persona in African American poetry, 1830-1930 Teacher, St. Albans School
Tanya Llewellyn Shaking the whole system of things: catastrophe and continuity in romantic narrative
Justin Tackett Listening Between the Lines: Poetry and Sound Technology, 1816-1914 Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University Lecturer in Thinking Matters Program; Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship, University of Warwick
Dalglish Chew Feeling Critical: Literary Practices of Postwar Critique Associate, McKinsey & Company Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company
Morgan Day Frank American Literature and the Progressive Education Movement, 1880-1920 Visiting Assistant Professor, Wesleyan University Postdoctoral Lectureship in the History and Literature Program, Harvard
Sylvan Goldberg A Natural History of Literary Time Assistant Professor, Colorado College
J.D. Porter The Fact of Fiction: Race, Money, Gender, and Nation in American Modernism Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University DH Project Specialist, Price Lab, University of Pennsylvania
Lindsey Felt "Plugging In": Disability and the Body Electric in Contemporary American Literature PWR Lecturer, Stanford
Ryan Haas Sound and Vision: Sonic Experience in Wordsworth, Blake, and Clare Fellowship Program Coordinator, CASBS, Stanford University
Joshua Mann Creative Destruction: Disaster Studies, Late Naturalism, and the American Novel Content Strategist - Google
Derek Mong The Marriage of Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson: An Inquiry into Spousal Poetics Wabash College Byron K. Trippet Assistant Professor of English, Wabash College