Ph.D. Alumni

Name Graduation Year Dissertation Title Initial Placement Current Placement
Jennifer Harford Vargas Dictating Forms: Authoritarian Power in the Latina/o American Novel Bryn Mawr College
Ruth Kaplan Fashioning the Reader: Forms of Engagement in British Poetry of the Long Sixteenth Century Quinnipiac University
Joseph Shapiro Beyond Early American Exceptionalism: Class and The Rise of the U.S. Novel, 1789-1846 University of Southern Illinois
Jessica Weare Competing Narratives: British Memoirs and Fictions of the First World War Philanthropy & Civic Engagement Manager, Microsoft
Claire Bowen Between Pole and Tropic: Writing Suspension, 1945-1955 Dickinson College
Joel Burges The Uses of Obsolescence: Historical Change and the Politics of the Outmoded in American Postmodernity PWR Lecturer, Stanford University of Rochester
Crisi Benford Monster or Machine: The Multiplot Novel in Victorian Literature and Culture Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Chicago Literary Scholar and Writer
Shameem Black Cosmopoetics: Global Imagination in Contemporary Writing Yale University Australian National University
Gretchen Anderson Careering through the Village: Edna St.Vincent Millay, Laura Riding and the Greenwich Village Poetry Market Katzenbach Partners, New York Writer, Literary Scholar and Freelance Organizational Consultant
Brad Buchanan Oedipus Disfigured: Myth, Humanism and Hybridity in Modernist, Anglo-American and Post-Colonial Literature California State University, Sacramento
David Cantrell Stanford PWR lecturer Adjunct - University of San Diego
Allison Caruth Post-doctoral Fellow - University of California, Santa Barbara Professor, Princeton University
Adam Casdin Castilleja School, Palo Alto Horace Mann School, NY
Robert Chodat Post-doctoral Fellow - American Academy Boston University
Debbie Chung Federal Government Position
Noam Cohen Copy Editor at The Daily Copy Chief at The New York Observer
Dawn Coleman University of Tennessee
David Colon Stanford PWR Post-doctoral Fellow Texas Christian University
Bradin Cormack University of Chicago
Simon Dickie Post-doctoral Fellow - Stanford University University of Toronto