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Anthology of American Literature, Volume II, 10th Edition

About the Author

Shelley Fisher Fishkin

Shelley Fisher Fishkin's principal concern throughout her career has been literature and social justice. Much of her work has focused on issues of race and racism in America, and on recovering and interpreting voices that were silenced, marginalized, or ignored in America's past. 

Her broad, interdisciplinary research interests have led her to focus on topics including the challenge of doing transnational American Studies; the place of humor and satire in movements for social change; the role literature can play in the fight against racism; the influence of African American voices on canonical American literature; the need to desegregate American literary...


For the second part of American Literature survey courses.

This classic textbook has been a leader in its discipline for decades owing to the authors' five original principles: 

  1. choose selections primarily for their literary value;
  2. include as many complete works as possible;
  3. provide the very best available scholarly texts and annotate them fully;
  4. keep headnotes and period instuctions informative but short;
  5. and avoid literary fads.  

For nearly three decades, students and instructors have complemented their introductory American Literature studies with Anthology of American Literature, in both its two-volume and concise editions.  The carefully selected works introduce readers to America's literary heritage, from the colonial times of William Bradford and Anne Bradstreet to the contemporary era of Saul Bellow and Toni Morrison. It provides a wealth of additional contextual information surrounding the readings as well as the authors themselves.