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Nitro Nights

About the Author

Simone Di Piero

W. S. Di Piero is a poet, essayist, and translator. The most recent of his nine books of poems are  Skirts and Slacks (2001), Brother Fire (2004), and Chinese Apples: New and Selected Poems (2007). The latest of his six collections of essays is City Dog (2009), When Can I See You Again? (2010), and Night of Shooting Stars: Poems of Leonardo Sinisgalli (translation, 2010). His translations include Giacomo Leopardi's Pensieri (1984), The Ellipse: Selected Poems of Leonardo Sinisgalli (1983), and Euripides' Ion (1996).  Di Piero serves as a consulting editor of Southwest Review and writes frequently...

Copper Canyon Press

W. S. Di Piero's Nitro Nights is a chronicle of daily existence lived at the nerve ends.  From the apocalyptic aura of a Fourth of July on the streets of San Francisco to that city's jazzed-out nightlife to a box full of howling secrets, Di Piero peoples his world with hoboes and low-riders and a mysterious woman who "carries fire in a brown paper bag," never once failing to see the beauty in them all.