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Old Ladies

About the Author

Nancy Huddleston Packer

Nancy Huddleston Packer grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. She was a Wallace Stegner Fellow in the Creative Writing Program at Stanford University, after which she became a Professor of English. When she retired from Stanford in 1993 she had been Director of the Creative Writing Progam for four years, 1989-93. She is the recipient of several teaching awards, including the Dinkelspiel and Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Packer's stories have appeared in numerous journals, including Harper's, Kenyon Review, Yale Review, Southwest Review, Virginia Quarterly, Southern Review, Epoch, and Sewanee Review. Her stories have won O. Henry Awards and have been anthologized in Best...

Daniel and Daniel Publishers

The stories in this collection center on women of a certain age.  They are widows, divorcees, the happily married, an artist, a cleaning woman, a professor, the leisurely rich, and the working poor.  Whatever their life condition, all the protagonists are decidedly individual.  Some are feisty, some shy, some gentle, some ornery, some who know exactly who they are, and some who are seeking to find out.  And almost all discover something a little unsettling that changes their sense of themselves, for better or worse.