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Ph.D. Awarded

Name Dissertation Title Year
Chew, Dalglish Feeling Critical: Literary Practices of Postwar Critique. The Title Acts of Literature 2017
Goldberg, Sylvan A Natural History of Literary Time 2017
Frank, Edward Morgan Day American Literature and the Progressive Education Movement, 1880-1920 2017
Porter, J.D. The Fact of Fiction: Race, Money, Gender, and Nation in American Modernism 2017
Felt, Lindsey "Plugging In": Disability and the Body Electric in Contemporary American Literature 2016
Haas, Ryan Sound and Vision: Sonic Experience in Wordsworth, Blake, and Clare 2016
Mann, Joshua Creative Destruction: Disaster Studies, Late Naturalism, and the American Novel 2016
Mong, Derek The Marriage of Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson: An Inquiry into Spousal Poetics 2016
Tevel, Amir Counter-Didactic Victorians: The Problems of Education in the Novel 2016
Walser, Hannah Mind-Reading in the Dark:  Social Cognition in Nineteenth-Century American Fiction 2016
Frost, Allen Where It's At: The Making of Setting in American Fiction from Mississippi to Mars 2015
Kimbrell, Garth Theater and Prestige: The Development of the Playhouse in Shakespeare's Time 2015
Le-Khac, Long Transnarrative: Giving Form to Diversity, Community, and Migration in Asian American and Latina/o Literature 2015
Lewis, Rhiannon Writing in Time: Labor and Work in English Poetry, 1557-1674 2015
Meyers, Talya Epic and Encounter: Form and Culture in Early Modern Narrative Poetry 2015
Trump, Whitney Always Another Edition: The Racial Politics of Rewriting in Nineteenth-Century American Literature 2015
Wiebracht, Ben Cousins and Lovers:  The History of the English Love Plot, 1600-1895 2015
Willan, Claude The Seizure of Literary History in the Eighteenth Century 2015
Yamboliev, Irena Ornamental Formalism: The Victorian Anti-Novel 2015
Archer, Jodie Reading the Bestseller: An Analysis of 20,000 Novels 2014
Bricker, Andrew Producing & Litigating Satire, 1670-1792 2014
Carrillo, Guadalupe Forms of Sentiment in the 21st Century U.S. Latina/o Novel 2014
Janiszewska, Hanna Romantic Lives of the Mind 2014
Osadetz, Stephen The Art of Principle:  The Rhetorical Preoccupations of Eighteenth-Century Didactic Literature 2014
Perkins, Sarah Dixie Bound: A Cultural Biography of an American Legend, 1860-1930 2014
Rung, Allison Conventions of the Railway in the British Novels, 1900-1950 2014
Saval, Nikil The Problem of the White Collar Worker in Culture 2014
VanArendonk, Kathryn The Episode: Serial Storytelling in Television and the Nineteenth-Century Novel 2014
Vega, Mark Worldly Desires: Fictions of Transnational Engagement in Frank Norris, W.E.B. Du Bois, and Edith Wharton 2014
Doherty, Hannah The Myth of Minerva: Publishing, Popular Fiction, and the Rise of the Novel 2013
Hamilton, Geordie The Rhetoric of Realism: American Literature and Democratic Form 2013
Hess, Jillian Commonplace-Book Stylistics: Romantic and Victorian Technologies of Reading and Writing 2013
Kopley, Emily The Potentate and the Cannibal: Poetry and the Novel in Virginia Woolf 2013
Richardson, Rebecca Narrative Ambition: Victorian Self-Help and Competition 2013
Roman, Elda Maria Symbolic Wages and Identity Taxes: Upward Mobility and Middle Class Narratives in Chicana/o and Black Cultural Production 2013
Whearty, Bridget For All is Good That Hath Good End: Narrative Structures and the Art of Dying in Late Medieval English Literature 2013
Zurowski, Ryan To the Gentle Reader: Prefaces and Books in Early Modern England 2013
Allison, Sarah Moral Style in Victorian Fiction 2012
Benveniste, Michael The American Ideology: Plot and Culture Since 1945 2012
Bilsky, Brianne The Page Redux: American Literature in the Information Age 2012
Dippold, Steffi Plain as in Primitive: The Figure of the Native in Colonial America 2012
Eichenlaub, Justin The Suburban Imagination: Aesthetics, Desire, and Space in Nineteenth-Century Britain 2012
Gemma, Marissa Exceedingly Correct: Stylistic Polemics in Nineteenth-Century American Literature 2012
Ligda, Kenny Serious Comedy: British Modernist Humor and Political Crisis 2012
Maynor, Kenneth Pagan Nation: Constitutional Characters and the Fiction of American Faith 2012
Vander Zee, Anton 'The Final Lilt of Songs': Late Whitman and the Long American Century 2012
Wood, James Anecdote and Enlightenment, 1710-1790 2012
Finn, Edward The Social Lives of Books: Literary Networks in Contemporary American Fiction 2011
Harford Vargas, Jennifer Dictating Forms: Authoritarian Power in the Latina/o American Novel 2011
Kaplan, Ruth Fashioning the Reader: Forms of Engagement in British Poetry of the Long Sixteenth Century 2011
Shapiro, Joseph Beyond Early American Exceptionalism: Class and The Rise of the U.S. Novel, 1789-1846 2011
Weare, Jessica Competing Narratives: British Memoirs and Fictions of the First World War 2011
Bowen, Claire Between Pole and Tropic: Writing Suspension, 1945-1955 2010
Houser, Heather "The Whole Earth Is Our Hospital": Contemporary Fictions of Eco-Sickness 2010
Phillips, Natalie Narrating Distraction: Problems of Focus in Eighteenth-Century Fiction, 1750-1820 2010
Reid, Michael The Rational Double 2010
Vyroubalova, Ema "These Confusions of Lewd Tongues": Linguistic Diversity in Early Modern England, 1509-1625 2010
Hubbs, Jolene Revolting Whiteness: Race, Class, and the American Grotesque 2009
Konstantinou, Lee Wipe That Smirk off Your Face: Postironic Literature and the Politics of Character 2009
Lay, Jenna "They Wil Not Be Penned Up in Any Cloister": Catholic Englishwomen and Early Modern Book Culture 2009
Tang, Amy Rethinking Repetition: Race and the Contemporary Politics of Form 2009
Wang, Maria Victorian Totalities: Sociological Method and Narrative Form in British Fiction 2009
Wilkinson, Emily Miscellany: Form and Mode in Eighteenth Century British Literature 2009
Carruth, Allison Global Appetites: Literary Form and Food Politics from World War I to the World Trade Organization 2008
Cohen, Noam Speculative Nostalgias: Metafiction, Science Fiction and the Putative Death of the Novel 2008
Floyd, Jennifer The Writing on the Wall: John Lydgate’s Architectural Verse 2008
Garrett, Matthew Episodic Poetics in the Early American Republic: The Politics of Writing in Parts 2008
Rhee, Michelle Slant in Asian American Poetry and Fiction 2008
Stanica, Miruna Movable Goods and the Novel Before Realism 2008
Wittman, Kara States of Wonder in the Nineteenth Century British Novel 2008
Burges, Joel The Uses of Obsolescence: Historical Change and the Politics of the Outmoded in American Postmodernity 2007
Holbo, Christine The Home-Making of Americans: The Invention of Everyday Life in American Literary Realism and Social Science, 1866-1911 2007
Kleinneiur, Joann Elective Affinities: Chemistry and Poetics in Britain 1772-1822 2007
Martinez, Felicia Asking Who We Are: Interpreting Personhood in the Experimental Novels of Conrad, Faulkner and Naipaul 2007
Pentland, Elizabeth Monsieur le Cannibal: Literary Perspectives on the English Engagement with France, 1579-1625 2007
Phillips, Christopher The Uses of the Epic Impulse in American Culture, 1770-1876 2007
Schuyler, Susan Crowd Control: Reading Victorian Popular Drama 2007
Starks, Rebecca Keeping Memory Fresh: A Stoic Exercise in Reading Four Modern Novels 2007
Walling, Amanda Vicious Praise: Flattery in English Politics and Poetry 2007
Fender, Janelle Remembering and Forgetting in Late Medieval and Early Reformation English Literature: A Study of Remnants 2006
Jiron King, Shimberlee Reading Religiously: Towards an Understanding of Articulations of Religion in Chicana/o Representations of Difference 2006
Kerr, Douglas Modernist Missions, Cultural Transmissions:The Philosophy of Anarchic Form, Buddhism, and American Poetry, 1930-1975 2006
Leavitt, Melissa Communities Under Construction: Labor, Land Reform, and Social Change in Nineteenth-Century U.S. Literature 2006
Maxwell, Kim Reading Adam Reading: A Study of Literary Meaning Through Paradise Lost 2006
Meadowsong, Zena Creating a Monster: Myth, Machines, and the Naturalist Invention of Modernism 2006
Pasanek, Bradley Eighteenth-Century Metaphors of Mind, A Dictionary 2006
Gross, Karen The Lives of the Dead: Biography and Medieval Humanism 2005
McBride, Christine Disavowing Possession: Story, Style, and the Social in Jamesian Narrative 2005
Moyer, Gabrielle Sustained Collision: Modernist Fictions as Forms of Attention 2005
Preiss, Richard Finite Jest: Performance, Authorship and the Assimilations of the Stage Clown in Early Modern English Theater, 1588-1673 2005
Roylance, Patricia International Nationalism: World History as Usable Past in Nineteenth-Century US Culture 2005
Straley, Jessica How the Child Lost Its Tail: Evolutionary Theory, Victorian Pedagogy and the Development of Children's Literature, 1860-1920 2005
Benford, Crisi Monster or Machine: The Multiplot Novel in Victorian Literature and Culture 2004
Black, Shameem Cosmopoetics: Global Imagination in Contemporary Writing 2004
Casdin, Adam Before Imagination: Literary Reverie's Opening to the Present 2004
Chung, Debbie Expanding Arcadias: Pastoral Myth-Making in Twentieth-Century British Fiction 2004
Coleman, Dawn The Novel and the Preachers: Religious Oratory and the Cultural Value of Nineteenth-Century Fiction 2004
Colon, David Embodying the Ideogram: Orientalism and the Visual Aesthetic in Modernist Poetry 2004
Edwards, Hilary More Than an Order of Words: the Pursuit of a Moral Style in Victorian Prose and Writings of the First World War 2004
Fishman, Jenn The Active Republic of Literature: Theatre and Literary Cultures in 18th Century Britain 2004
Goldstein, David Recipes for Authorship: Indigestion and the Making of Originality in Early Modern England 2004
Hackenberg, Sara Reading the Seen: Mystery and Visual Fetishism in Nineteenth-Century Popular Narrative 2004
Marino, James Books Made Men: Early Modern Drama and the Fictions of Intellectual Property 2004
Pender, Patricia Authorial Alibis: Early Modern Women's Writing and the Limits of Literature 2004
Schwartzburg, Molly Reading in Four Dimensions: The Poetics of the Contemporary Experimental Book 2004
Shvarts, Elena Putting Russia on the Globe: The Matter of Muscovy in Early Modern English Travel Writing and Literature 2004
Tigner, Amy England's Paradise: Horticultural Landscapes in the Renaissance 2004
Yu, Timothy Artifice and Authenticity: Language Poetry, Asian American Poetry, and the Politics of Contemporary American Culture 2004
Chodat, Robert The Patterns of Persons: Ideas of Agency in Twentieth Century American Fiction 2003
Gallego, Carlos The (Post) Modern Spectacle: A Study in Ideological Fantasy and 20th Century American Culture 2003
Mohr, Melissa Strong Language: Oaths, Obscenities, and Performative Literature in Early Modern England 2003
Molesworth, Jesse The Spell of Chance: Probability, Magic and the Paradox of the Enlightenment Novel 2003
Rojas, Martha Diplomatic Letters: The Conduct and Culture of U.S. Foreign Affairs inthe Early Republic 2003
Scott, Giles The Physiology of Song: Sound, Meaning, and Politics in Objectivist Poetics 2003
Valenza, Robin Rules of Science, Terms of Art: Literature and the Disciplines in Britain, 1730-1840 2003
Wigfall, Jackie Kemetic Character(s) in African, Caribbean and American Novels 2003
Anderson, Gretchen Careering through the Village: Edna St.Vincent Millay, Laura Riding and the Greenwich Village Poetry Market 2002
Goble, Mark Beautiful Circuits: The Mediated Life in America, 1900-1940 2002
Keogh, Annette Found in Translation: Foreign travel and Linguistic Difference in the Eighteenth Century 2002
McGrane, Laura Hollowed Voices: Representations of the Classical Oracle in Eighteenth-Century Print Culture 2002
Morgan, Monique Lyric and Narrative in the Nineteenth Century Long Poem 2002
Sale, Carolyn Contested Acts: Legal Performances and Literary Authority in Early Modern England 2002
Benedict, Kimberley Authorial Alliances: Collaboration Between Religious Women Writers and Scribes in the Middle Ages 2001
Buchanan, Brad Oedipus Disfigured: Myth, Humanism and Hybridity in Modernist, Anglo-American and Post-Colonial Literature 2001
Cantrell, David Home Rule: Redemptions of Literature and Culture in the United States, 1863-1917 2001
Jenkins, Lisa Offending Lives: Subjectivity and Australian Convict Autobiographies, 1788-1899 2001
Levin, Joanna American Bohemias: A Literary and Cultural Geography, 1858-1912 2001
Norwood, Lisa West Grounds for the New Nation: Constucting Sense of Place in American Writings, 1780-1860 2001
Sassoubre, Ticien Reimagining Property: Ownership and Identity in American Fiction, 1880-1940 2001
Smyth, Laura Preaching with their Hands: The Role of the Carthusians in the Transmission of Women's Texts in Late Medieval England 2001