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Ph.D. Placement

Name Initial Appointment Year Currently
Chew, Dalglish Associate - McKinsey & Company 2017  
Frank, Morgan Day Visiting Assistant Professor - Wesleyan University 2017  
Goldberg, Sylvan Assistant Professor - Colorado College 2017  
Porter, J.D. Post-doctoral Fellow - Stanford University 2017  
Walser, Hannah Junior Fellow - Harvard University 2016  
Tevel, Amir Freelance Writer 2016  
Mann, Joshua Content Strategist - Google 2016  
Haas, Ryan Fellowship Program Coordinator, CASBS, Stanford University 2016  
Felt, Lindsey Stanford PWR Lecturer 2016  
Mong, Derek Wabash College 2016  
Frost, Allen Nueva School, Hillsborough, California 2015  
Le-Khac, Long Washington University in St. Louis 2015  
Lewis, Rhiannon Planned Giving Associate, American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California 2015

Institutional Gifts Manager at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Trump, Whitney Content Strategist, Palantir Technologies 2015 Content Strategist at Facebook
Wiebracht, Ben Stanford PWR Lecturer 2015  
Willan, Claude Post-doctoral Fellow-Princeton University 2015  
Archer, Jodie Research and Development - Apple Inc. (iBooks) 2014 Author
Bricker, Andrew Mellon Post-doctoral Fellow - McGill University 2014  
Carrillo, Lupe Program Coordinator, Office of Multicultural Affairs, Stanford University 2014  
Janiszewska, Hanna PWR Post-doctoral Fellow - Stanford University 2014  
Osadetz, Stephen Harvard University 2014  
Perkins, Sarah Post-doctoral Fellow - Stanford University 2014  
Rung, Allison Editorial Specialist - Google 2014 Content Strategist- Google
Vega, Mark Stanford PWR lecturer 2014 Instructional Designer at BusinessBlocks
Allison, Sarah Loyola University New Orleans 2013  
Dippold, Steffi Kansas State University 2013  
Doherty, Hannah University of Texas - San Antonio 2013 Suffolk University, Boston
Hess, Jillian Post-doctoral Fellow - American Academy of Arts and Sciences 2013 Bronx Community College
Kopley, Emily Mellon Post-doctoral Fellow - McGill University 2013  
Richardson, Rebecca Stanford University Course Coordinator 2013 PWR Lecturer - Stanford University
Roman, Elda Maria University of Southern California 2013  
Vander Zee, Anton Visiting Assistant Professor- College of Charleston 2013 College of Charleston
Whearty, Bridget Digital Medieval Manuscripts Fellow - Stanford University 2013 SUNY-Binghamton
Zurowski, Ryan Web Copy Writer at Intuit 2013  
Benveniste, Michael University of Puget Sound 2012  
Bilsky, Brianne Magellan Project Program Coordinator and Director of Pal - Washington and Jefferson College 2012 United States Military Academy
Eichenlaub, Justin Lecturer - UC Berkeley 2012 Assistant Director of the Franke Program in Science and the Humanities - Yale University
Gemma, Marissa Associate Director: Hume Writing Center-Stanford University 2012 Post-doctoral Fellow in Digital Humanities - University of Paris (Sorbonne)
Weare, Jessica Philanthropy & Civic Engagement Manager  - Microsoft 2012  
Wood, James Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences Post-Doctoral Fellow 2012 University of East Anglia
Cohen, Noam Copy Editor at The Daily 2011 Copy Chief at The New York Observer
Finn, Edward University Innovation Fellow - Arizona State University 2011 Arizona State University
Harford Vargas, Jennifer Bryn Mawr College 2011  
Kaplan, Ruth Quinnipiac University 2011  
Konstantinou, Lee ACLS New Faculty Fellow - Princeton University 2011 University of Maryland
Ligda, Kenny Stanford University Course Coordinator 2011 Academic Technology Specialist - Stanford University
Shapiro, Joseph University of Southern Illinois 2011  
Bowen, Claire Dickinson College 2010  
Houser, Heather Post-doctoral Fellow - Williams College 2010 University of Texas at Austin
Phillips, Natalie ACLS New Faculty Fellow - Stanford University 2010 Michigan State University
Reid, Michael PWR Post-doctoral Fellow - Stanford University 2010 Lecturer - SUTD Singapore University of Technology and Design
Vyroubalova, Ema University of Haifa 2010 Trinity College, Dublin
Walling, Amanda Adjunct - University of Southern California 2010 University of Hartford
Wang, Maria Biola University 2010  
Hubbs, Jolene University of Alabama 2009  
Lay, Jenna Post-doctoral Fellow - University of Texas at Austin 2009 Lehigh University
Martinez, Felicia St. John's College 2009 Saint Mary's College of California
Tang, Amy Wesleyan University 2009  
Carruth, Allison Post-doctoral Fellow - University of California, Santa Barbara 2008 University of California Los Angeles
Garrett, Matthew Wesleyan University 2008  
Holbo, Christine Arizona State University 2008  
McBride, Christine Visiting Assistant Professor - Reed College 2008 Sacred Heart Preparatory
Rhee, Michelle Skidmore College 2008 Senior Research Fellow at Clayton Christensen Institute
Stanica, Miruna George Mason University 2008  
Wittman, Kara Visiting Assistant Professor - Mills College 2008  
Burges, Joel Stanford PWR lecturer 2007 University of Rochester
Jiron King, Shimberlee Indiana University of Pennsylvania 2007  
Kleinneiur, Joann IHUM Post-doctoral Fellow-Stanford University 2007 Editor-in-Chief - Revision Editing
Pentland, Elizabeth York University, Toronto 2007  
Phillips, Christopher Lafayette College 2007  
Schuyler, Susan PWR Post-doctoral Fellow - Stanford University 2007 PWR Lecturer - Stanford University
Straley, Jessica Adjunct - University of Utah 2007 University of Utah
Kerr, Douglas Stanford University -Education Program for Gifted Youth OHS Lead English Instructor 2006  
Leavitt, Melissa Stanford PWR lecturer 2006 Development Writer at Lucile Packard Foundation for Children's Health
Maxwell, Kim Independent Scholar 2006  
Meadowsong, Zena IHUM Post-doctoral Fellow-Stanford University 2006 Rowan University
Pasanek, Bradley Post-doctoral Fellow - University of Southern California, 2006 University of Virginia
Schwartzburg, Molly Curator of British and American Literature - Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin 2006 Curator-Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library at the University of Virginia
Tigner, Amy University of Texas-Arlington 2006  
Gross, Karen Lewis and Clark College 2005  
Moyer, Gabrielle PWR lecturer - Stanford University 2005  
Preiss, Richard University of Utah 2005  
Roylance, Patricia The Menlo School 2005 Syracuse University
Benford, Crisi Post-doctoral Fellow - University of Chicago 2004 Literary Scholar and Writer
Black, Shameem Yale University 2004 Australian National University
Casdin, Adam Castilleja School, Palo Alto 2004 Horace Mann School, NY
Chung, Debbie Federal Government Position 2004  
Coleman, Dawn University of Tennessee 2004  
Colon, David Stanford PWR Post-doctoral Fellow 2004 Texas Christian University
Edwards, Hilary Florida Atlantic University 2004 University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Fishman, Jenn University of Tennessee 2004 Marquette University
Goldstein, David University of Tulsa 2004 York University, Toronto
Hackenberg, Sara San Francisco State University 2004  
Marino, James Cleveland State University 2004  
Pender, Patricia Pace University 2004 University of Newcastle, Australia
Rojas, Martha University of Rhode Island 2004  
Yu, Timothy University of Toronto 2004 University of Wisconsin, Madison
Chodat, Robert Post-doctoral Fellow - American Academy 2003 Boston University
Gallego, Carlos University of Arizona 2003 St Olaf College
Levin, Joanna Chapman University 2003  
Molesworth, Jesse Adjunct - McGill University 2003 Indiana University
Sale, Carolyn University of Windsor 2003 University of Alberta
Scott, Giles The Menlo School 2003 Crossroads School, Santa Monica
Valenza, Robin University of Chicago 2003 University of Wisconsin, Madison
Wigfall, Jackie Fayetteville State University 2003 College of Micronesia
Anderson, Gretchen Katzenbach Partners in NY 2002 Writer, literary scholar and freelance organizational consultant
Goble, Mark University of California, Irvine 2002 University of California Berkeley
Ivry, Jonathan University of Wisconsin- Whitewater 2002  
Keogh, Annette Curator, British and American Literature, Stanford University 2002 Student Learning Advisor, University of Auckland
McGrane, Laura Haverford College 2002  
Morgan, Monique McGill University 2002 Indiana University
Norwood, Lisa West Drake University 2002  
Buchanan, Brad California State University, Sacramento 2001  
Cantrell, David Stanford PWR lecturer 2001 Adjunct - University of San Diego
Jones, Meta George Washington University 2001 University of Texas at Austin
Boehnen, Scott American School, London 2000 Hackley School, NY
Cormack, Bradin University of Chicago 2000  
Dickie, Simon Post-doctoral Fellow - Stanford University 2000 University of Toronto
Dudley, Scott Presbyterian Ministry 2000  
Duran, Angelica Purdue University 2000  
Girard, Karen Senior Internet Editor at Kaiser Permanente 2000  
Hernandez, Roderick California State University, Dominguez Hills 2000  
Keilen, Sean University of Pennsylvania 2000 College of William & Mary
Mallios, Peter Stanford University Post-doctoral Fellow 2000 University of Maryland
Menke, Richard University of Georgia 2000  
Nabae, Hitomi Kobe City University 2000  
Reed, Brian University of Washington 2000  
Slauter, Eric University of Chicago 2000  
Tamarkin, Elisa University of California, Santa Barbara 2000 University of California Berkeley
Williams, Deanne York University, Toronto 2000  
Wolfe, Jessica University of North Carolina 2000  
Gabbard, D. Christopher Stanford University Post-doctoral Fellow 1999 University of North Florida
Leonard, Keith American University 1999  
Paulin, Diane Yale University 1999 Trinity College, Hartford
Rourke, Brian Rutgers University 1999 New Mexico State University
Washington, Kathleen Freelance Writer 1999