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The English Minor

The minor in English Literature is a great way to experience the rich history of English and American literature, while offering some flexibility to pursue other academic interests. Students will take the department’s three-quarter Introduction to English sequence, which traces the course of literature from medieval manuscripts to postmodern novels. Courses will also introduce students to rigorous methods of literary analysis and critical thinking.

Course Requirements

In order to graduate with a minor in English, students must complete the following program of seven 5-unit courses, at least one of which must be a seminar, for a total of 35 units:

Two of the three Methodology courses

ENGLISH 160. Poetry and Poetics ( 5 units)

ENGLISH 161. Narrative and Narrative Theory (5 units)

ENGLISH 162W. Writing Intensive Seminar in English  (5 units)

Two of the three Historical courses

One course from the English 10 series - Introduction to English I (5 units)

One course from the English 11 series - Introduction to English II (5 units)

One course from the English 12 series - Introduction to English III (5 units)

Three Elective Courses

Three elective courses from those offered in the English department, only one of which may be a course in Creative Writing.

Minor Notes


Students must declare the Minor no later than two quarters prior to their intended quarter of degree conferral, e.g., Autumn declaration for Spring conferral. To declare, follow the instructions in Axess for declaring a minor. Completed declaration forms are transmitted electronically to the department for approval; the student receives an on-line copy. Once the application had been approved, students will be e-mailed a notice of confirmation.

Transfer Credit

Transfer students only may apply up to two literature courses taken at approved universities toward the English minor electives. In the case of all other students, literature courses taken outside the department will not normally be accepted for credit unless they are taken as part of BOSP.  No petitions for courses taken outside the department will be granted retrospectively.


One credit/no credit course OR one three-unit course, which has already been taken, may be applied to the Minor. Courses counted towards the requirements for the Minor may not be applied to the student's Major requirements.


The Director of Undergraduate Studies is available to answer general queries that cannot be answered by the Peer Advisors or the Student Services Officer.

Creative Writing

Information on the Creative Writing minor can be found on the Creative Writing website.

For a comprehesive listing of the English Minor requirements, please visit Explore Degrees.

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