200 Years of George Eliot

Fri November 22nd 2019, 3:00pm
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English Department
#rtd Floor Lounge, Margaret Jacks Hall (BUILDING 460)
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This event is free and open to all: undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, staff, families and friends!

200 Years of George Eliot
The English Department invites you to join us as we celebrate the bicentenary of George Eliot's birth! 
From 3-5pm, in the undergraduate lounge on level 3 of Margaret Jacks Hall, the department will host an afternoon tea worthy of the Victorians themselves. At the same time, Stanford faculty will discuss what it means to read George Eliot in 2019. What is the secret of Eliot's enduring appeal to readers, writers, and critics? What lessons can we learn from her fiction today? Are Eliot's novels still, as Virginia Woolf once wrote, among the few "written for grown-up people"? And if not, who are they for? So come, sip tea, devour a scone with jam and cream -- and wish happy birthday to one of the best loved and most influential authors in the history of English literature!
Please RSVP by clicking here, or by email to mtaylor5 [at] stanford.edu (mtaylor5[at]stanford[dot]edu).