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The Contemporary: A discussion of Lee Edelman's No Future: Queer Theory and the Death Drive

Edelman’s book--a "searing polemic" whose "main target is the all-pervasive figure of the child... the linchpin of our universal politics of 'reproductive futurism'--was published in 2004. In the Contemporary workshop I would like to discuss how we might approach Edelman’s book nearly 15 years after its publication, in light of recently introduced marriage equality legislation and increased access to adoption and other options for establishing families for same-sex couples. I would also like to think about it in the context of already-present climate disaster, and how knowledge of worse to come may shape queer and straight people’s conception of future generations.

All discussions will take place in 260-252, and yes, there will be foodYou don't need to read the entire book to attend the discussions, although you are welcome to do so; we will recommend particularly relevant selections as the time draws closer.

The first ten people to RSVP to the event will receive a free copy of the book under discussion; RSVP here: (We will also distribute scans of the relevant pages to those who don't receive a book.)
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Department of Comparative Literature and Department of English
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October 12, 2018 -
2:00pm to 4:00pm
Building 260 Room 252