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We’re pleased to announce the winner of the 2020 Norman Foerster Prize, awarded to the best essay of the year in American Literature: “Lost Archives, Lost Lands: Rereading New Mexico’s Imagined Environments” by Carlos Alonso Nugent, published in…

In honor of the people who are working to knit our fragile democracy together, to help enfranchise every citizen, to rectify the systematic economic and environmental and policing injustice that harm black lives—for every one of these citizens,…

The late Eavan Boland has posthumously won the Costa Poetry Award for her final collection, The Historians, described by the judges as having “some of the finest lines of poetry written this century”.

Boland, who was professor of English…

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Justin Tackett has won the Nineteenth-Century Studies Association Emerging Scholars Award for his Review of English Studies article, 

 “‘I heard his silver Call’: Emily Dickinson and the Poetry of Telegraphic Acoustics.”