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Professor Andrea Lunsford says the digital revolution is changing what it means to be an author

August 14, 2014

Stanford English Professor Andrea Lunsford says today's writing instruction should teach students how to become better writers for social media and other interactive online environments.

Between LOLs, emoticons and 140-character rants, it may seem like digital communication has only served to stunt young people's writing abilities.

The former director of Stanford's Program in Writing and Rhetoric, Lunsford said that in today's world of instant online publication, anyone can potentially have their written work distributed to a wide audience.But according to Stanford English professor and rhetorician Andrea Lunsford, students today are writing more than ever before – just in forms unseen or unacknowledged in writing instruction.

"Turn on your computer, write a blog post – and you're an author," said Lunsford, the Louise Hewlett Nixon Professor, Emerita.