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Professor Elaine Treharne wins Richard W. Lyman Award

2023 Award Winner

Elaine Treharne

The Roberta Bowman Denning Professor of Humanities, professor of English, and professor, by courtesy, of German studies and of comparative literature.

Treharne’s research areas are British literature, comparative literature, digital humanities literature and history, and postcolonial studies. She has published widely in these areas, focusing on religious poetry and prose and manuscripts from c.600 to c.1300. She teaches core courses in British Literary History, on Text Technologies, and on Palaeography and Archival Studies. Currently, her projects focus on death and trauma, manuscripts, and the long history of writing systems. Treharne is the Director of Stanford Text Technologies, co-runs Stanford Manuscript Studies, and co-directs the Stanford Initiative on Language Inclusion and Conservation in Old and New Media (SILICON). Treharne has co-authored several volumes and books, including The Handmade Book, which was a featured exhibit at the Stanford Libraries. The exhibit brought together early manuscripts and printed volumes with more recent artists’ books to recognize the endurance of the codex and its unrivaled success as a technology in the long history of communications.The exhibition invited viewers to celebrate the form’s infinite potential to delight and inspire, much like Treharne often does when engaging with alumni. She is committed to providing a supportive and ethical environment in all her work.

Whether online, on campus, or on the road, Treharne embodies the core values of the Stanford Alumni Association and champions its mission. She holds her responsibility to the alumni community in the highest regard, always willing to step up or step in. She has been exceedingly generous in volunteering her time for nearly 10 years, speaking at Reunion Homecoming, hosting virtual events, engaging alumni clubs near and far, and leading Travel/Study trips across the globe.

From volunteering at the last minute to lead a Travel/Study trip to enthusiastically saying “yes” to speak on a topic outside of her main academic focus when alumni club leaders needed to find a speaker, Treharne’s heart and dedication to the alumni community are incredibly apparent. Alumni treasure the opportunity to learn from her and rave about her ability to share both rich historical perspectives and personal insights that evoke awe and nourish their personal growth. Staff have greatly enjoyed working with her and speak highly of her positive attitude, preparedness, and witty humor.

“Our graduates gravitate towards our alumni education offerings for a host of reasons. At the core, however, is often a desire to revisit the sheer beauty and joy of knowledge discovery. Elaine Treharne, through her fascinating Welsh background, deep academic knowledge, and expert use of artifacts, has been a truly transformational guide for our alumni for many years. And her willingness to stay engaged with legions of alumni long after they have been "in class" is nothing short of miraculous. We are beyond fortunate to have Elaine on board and celebrate this well-deserved recognition.”

— Howard Wolf, ’80, Vice President for Alumni Affairs, Stanford University, President, Stanford Alumni Association

Elaine is a dedicated faculty volunteer who enthralls alumni with her knowledge on manuscripts, archives, and literature. Stanford alumni greatly benefit from having an expert available to broaden their understanding of history, society, and culture. The Stanford Alumni Association is extremely grateful for her outstanding Stanford citizenship across the university and impact on our alumni.

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