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Stanford Students Choose the Humanities

April 19, 2020

Meet Lorena Diosdado, Irie Evans, Angie Lee, Panos Vandris, Lina Wang, and Tristan Wagner. These six students are some of the many Stanford undergraduates dedicated to understanding the past, questioning the present, and imagining the future by studying the humanities and arts.

Some arrived on campus knowing they wanted to pursue their longtime interests in Latin or literature. Others realized sophomore year that it was their philosophy or art classes that really excited and challenged them. All of them are passionate about the ultimate choice they made to study the humanities at Stanford. 

As they navigate between classrooms and libraries, art studios and science labs, they say their humanities studies not only shape how they think but also how they see themselves and the world around them.

“The humanities allows us to connect with other people, and understand where they come from, and who they are,” said senior Irie Evans, a theater and performance studies major, with a minor in Spanish. “That's the most human practice of all.”