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Annie Atura Bushnell

B.A. Yale University, 2011
M.A. Stanford University, 2013


Annie Atura Bushnell received her doctoral degree from Stanford's English Department in 2019. Her dissertation, "Jewish-American Feminists and the Construction of Whiteness," probes the role of race in Jewish feminist activism from WWII onwards. She has won the Diane Middlefield Graduate Teaching Prize for excellence in teaching and a number of fellowships in recognition of her research, including the Gerald J. Lieberman Fellowship and the Geballe Dissertation Prize Fellowship. She will be serving as a Lecturer in English from 2019-2020 and looks forward to teaching four undergraduate courses: "The Jewish-American Novel: Diaspora, Privilege, Anxiety, Comedy" in the fall, "Body Text" and "Analysis Interminable: Psychoanalysis and Literature" in the winter, and "Introduction to Queer Theory" in the spring.