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Graduate Students

Namesort descending Field of Study Cohort Email
Alan Burnett Valverde American 2020
Alexander Sherman 18th Century; Literature and Science 2018
Andrew Touma American 2020
Anita Law British: 18th Century
Dissertation: Rhythm, Pace, Vibration: Moving Forms in the Long Eighteenth Century
Anna Mukamal British: Modern 2017
Antonio Lenzo Medieval 2018
Armen Davoudian Poetry Modern/Postmodern 2014
Benjamin Libman Modern and Postmodern Literature 2018
Carmen Thong Postcolonial/World Literature 2019
Casey Patterson African American literature; Black Studies; the Black Diaspora 2016
Charlotte Lindemann 20th Century American Literature 2016
Christine Xiong Postcolonial 2020
Christopher Cappello Romanticism 2020
Claire Grossman (on leave) 20th/21st Century Literature 2016
Cody Chun Contemporary Literature
Dissertation: History and Reality
Eliza Pickering 19th Century American 2014
Emma Brush Modern and Postmodern Literature 2018
Erik Fredner Postbellum American; Digital Humanities
Dissertation: Average, American: Statistical Imaginaries of the Postbellum United States
Ezra Olson 20th Century American Literature 2016
Frances Molyneux British- Modern (post-1900)
Dissertation: Disjunct Motion: Sound's Effects in the Nineteenth-Century Novel
Gabriela Salvidea Literature and Philosophy 2014
Hannah Smith-Drelich Renaissance; Food Studies
Dissertation: “Altered Appetites: Food and Metaphor in Early Modern England”
Helena Hu Contemporary Literature 2018
Ido Keren Victorian/Modernist 2020
Jessica Monaco 19th Century British Literature 2020
Jessica Jordan Literary Criticism/Theory
Dissertation: Anxieties of Abundance: Book and Body in America’s Gilded Age
Jonathan Atkins Poetry 2020
Jonathan Quick Medieval 2014
Joseph Kidney British Renaissance 2017
Kathryn Winner American-After 1900 Modern (post-1914) 2015
Kristian Ayala 20th Century American Literature & Comparative Race Studies 2019
Linda Liu (on leave) The Novel
Dissertation: Submerged Politics: Conservatism and Narrative Form in Antebellum America
Luca Messarra Digital Humanities 2020
Mai Wang Asian American Literature 2015
Mattea Koon Early Modern Literature 2018
Matthew Redmond British: 19th-century 2015
Matthew Warner Renaissance Literature 2016
Megan Strackbein Contemporary American Literature 2016
Michael Menna Renaissance Literature 2016
Nichole Nomura Contemporary Literature 2016
Nika Mavrody Digital Humanities 2017
Philip Hoffert 19th Century Victorian 2018
Rachel Bolten Post 1914 American 2014
Rachel Kirkwood (on leave) 20th and 21st C. American; Contemporary Literature
Dissertation: The Suspended Self: Contemporary Anglophone Autofiction and Genres of Uncertainty
Steele Douris British: 19th Century and Digital Humanities 2015
Timothy Kennett 19th Century British Literature 2016
Tong Liu 20th Century British Literature 2019
Trenton Leinenbach British Romanticism 2016
Vanessa Seals
Dissertation: Representations of Multiracial Families in American Literature
Vesta Pitts Medieval 2020