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Ken Fields

At Stanford Since: 


Kenneth Fields' collections of poetry are The Other Walker, Sunbelly, Smoke, The Odysseus Manuscripts, and Anemographia: A Treatise on the Wind. He has completed the manuscripts of two other collections: Classic Rough News and Music from Another Room. His current projects are a novel, Father of Mercies, and a collection of essays on Mina Loy, H.D., Yvor Winters, Janet Lewis, J.V. Cunningham, Anne Bradstreet, Emily Dickinson, Ben Jonson, Wallace Stevens, Jorge Luis Borges, Henri Coulette, and others. Fields teaches the Advanced Poetry Writing Workshop for the Stanford Writing Fellows. He is developing a two-part course in American film, Men in the Movies: Film Noir and the Western. He delivered the Russel B. Nye Lecture at Michigan State University's American Studies Program: "There Stands the Glass: Voices of Alcohol in Country Music."


Courses 2018-2019


English 392: Stegner: Graduate Poetry Workshop

English 43A/143A/AMSTUD 143M/NATIVEAM 143A: American Indian Mythology, Legend, and Lore



English 151F/AMSTUD 151F: Angelheaded Hipsters: Beat Writers

English 48N/AMSTUD 48N: American Songbook: Love Songs and Poems


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