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Overview of Degree Programs

Bachelor of Arts in English

Stanford’s English curriculum features a team-taught, yearlong core sequence that traces the big picture of literature’s development from the Middle Ages to the present. English majors also learn critical tools for analyzing literature through three broad course requirements, in poetry, narrative, and methodology. Students gain a contextual framework and are prepared to take the department’s wide range of electives. Visit the Major page for more information on the major core requirements and emphases.

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Digital Humanities Minor

The important and flourishing field of Digital Humanities offers an exciting opportunity to expand the range of inquiry and invigorate interest in humanistic study among Stanford's undergraduates. This new Humanities and Sciences minor is pioneering in both the content of the institution--emphasizing the intersection of technology, computational analysis, new media, and traditional interpretive modes--as well as in the integrated cross-departmental nature of the course of study. The minor in Digital Humanites aims to provide a comprehensive educational system emphasizing the complementary and synergy of scientific and computational methods with humanites practices such as interpretation, critical thinking, and aesthetic creation. 

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Minor in English

The minor in English Literature offers some flexibility for those students who want to pursue specific interests within British and American literature, while still requiring certain courses that ensure coverage of a variety of periods, genres, and methods of studying literature. Visit the Minor page for more information on the minor requirements and how to declare. Information on the Creative Writing minor can be found on the Creative Writing web site.

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Coterminal Master of Arts in English

This MA program is designed for Stanford undergraduates who want to take their literary studies to a more advanced level by participating in graduate-level courses and by writing a thesis (optional). Visit the Coterm page for more information on the coterm requirements and the application process.

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Doctor of Philosophy in English

The graduate program features rigorous training in the research and analysis of British, American, and Anglophone literary histories and texts, preparing students to produce scholarship of originality and importance, and to teach literature at advanced levels. Visit the PhD Program site for more information.

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