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Book Launch! Celebrating the publication of:

Book Madness: A Story of Book Collectors in America

(Yale University Press, 2022)


by Denise Gigante

Sadie Dernham Patek Professor of Humanities

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From Orbit Books:

Ready for your next epic fantasy obsession? Orbit is thrilled to announce the acquisition of The Phoenix King by debut author Aparna Verma! The first in a trilogy blazing with mystic fire, political intrigue, and…

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From CCSR Director News | July 27, 2022

Earlier this month, Paula Moya was a featured guest of the podcast "Philosophy Talk" to discuss attempts to remove Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye from schools. The interview was part of the episode…

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Solmaz Sharif on Armen Davoudian

I kept returning to “Snow.” Each time, a new thing revealed itself, and yet the poem grew more resistant to being locatable. The about of it is simple enough: at the end of the day, a flag on TV, the…

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In The Underwater Eye, Margaret Cohen tells the fascinating story of how the development of modern diving equipment and movie camera technology has allowed documentary and narrative filmmakers to take human vision into the depths, creating new…