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Analyzing the works of 20th-century American fiction writer John Steinbeck is a daunting task. Steinbeck received the Nobel Prize, the Pulitzer Prize for The Grapes of Wrath and the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his “classic” books that are…

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The Andrew Smith Memorial Essay Prize is awarded for the best essay written by a first-year Ph.D. or M.A. student.  The essay prize commemorates graduate student, Andrew Smith, a member of the incoming cohort of 1996, who…
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The Hoefer Prize-winning writing presented below represents excellence across the disciplines, spanning all areas of undergraduate study.  We are pleased to share these essays with Stanford students, faculty, and the larger Stanford community.…

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CGTN's Gerald Tan speaks with Shelley Fisher Fishkin, the director of American Studies at Stanford University and co-director of the Chinese Railroad Workers in North America Project, about the history of Chinese immigrants in the U.S.

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This was the announcement of Ato Quayson's agreement to serve as the next chair of English from Lanier Anderson

"Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that Ato Quayson has agreed to serve as the next chair of the English…