Undergraduate Forms

If you have questions about our major/minors, courses, or the department in general, please visit the English department office during regular office hours. The Department of English is located in Margaret Jacks Hall (Building 460) on the second floor (Room 201). You may also find the following forms useful in preparation of your studies with English.

Program Proposal

Required for students declaring the English major or for current majors looking to update their major plan.

A note for students that are in the process of declaring:

As you go begin completing the major requirements, your original program proposal may change, and that’s okay. Still, completing an initial program proposal allows you to think ahead to plan out a rough sketch of what classes you would be interested in taking to complete the major. You can always update your program proposal later.

Download the English Major Program Proposal

Keep Track of Your English Major

Use this spreadsheet to keep track of your English major.

English major check list

Here is a four year plan for those who which to plan in more detail.

English major 4 year plan

Request for Course Equivalence

Required for current English majors who need to receive major requirement credit for courses taken outside of the department or university. Please note that literature courses taken outside of the department will not normally be accepted for credit unless they are taken as part of BOSP.  No petitions for course taken outside of the department will be granted restrospectively. These requests will be evaluated by the Director of Undergraduate Studies. 

A note for transfer students:

Up to four courses from another university can be counted towards the English major. Before submitting a “Request for Course Equivalence” form to the English department, you must work with the Registrar’s office to apply courses taken at other universities towards your Stanford degree. Details on this can be found in Undergraduate Admissions.

A note for Stanford Students going abroad with Bing Overseas Studies Program:

If you would like to take classes abroad towards the English major, visit the Bing Overseas Studies Program (BOSP) to see the courses that have been approved to count towards the major. If you are taking a literature-based course abroad that is not pre-approved, including an Oxford tutorial, please submit a “Request for Course Equivalence” form.

Download the Request for Course Equivalence

Advisor Request Form

Required for current English majors who need to update their faculty advisor.

Please email the English departments SSO @farrahm [at] stanford.edu (farrahm[at]stanford[dot]edu).

English 198: Individual Work

Required for students who wish to take on an independent study in the English department.

Download the English 198 Form