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Michaela Bronstein

Before joining the Stanford English Department, Michaela Bronstein was a Junior Fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows and a Visiting Lecturer at MIT, following her graduate work in Yale University's English Department.

Her research focuses on the history of the novel, and although most of her work connects in some way to Anglo-American modernism, she pursues far-flung connections everywhere from 19th-century Russian and British authors to later 20th-century African and African-American literature. Lately, she's also been working on today's television.

Professor Bronstein's interest is in the transhistorical afterlives of literary works: the ways in which literary objects addressed to their own presents later become part of other, more recent histories. She examines the connections between the intimate temporalities of reading----the time it takes to get through a novel----and the broad temporalities of reception across decades.

Michaela Bronstein grew up in Seattle, and lived all over New England for a decade before returning to the West Coast in 2016 to start at Stanford.


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